Training is a great option for educating employees and to prevent conflict in the workplace.

Conflict Training in Chicago, IL

Difficult Conversations: Communicating in Difficult Situations


Communicating gracefully and assertively in various workplace situations can be challenging. Learn effective techniques for constructive feedback and productive communications in this reflective and engaging workshop. Stoute Communications in Chicago offers conflict training and consulting. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention: Know The Facts


With all the recent events in the news, sexual harassment has become a hot topic. This workshop is geared towards educating employees on the definition of sexual harassment, related behaviors, how to respond and precautionary measures. 

Participants will learn three types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo, hostile work environment, and second hand sexual harassment. 

Implicit Bias: Unmasking the Truth


This workshop explores assumptions and stereotypes towards various people groups and the meaning behind it. Participants are encouraged to be open, honest, and reflective on how their behavior impacts others and how change occurs.

Enough is Enough: Managing Workplace Conflict


Managing workplace conflict provides an overview on various types of dysfunctional behaviors and patterns that impacts workplace culture. Participants will gain an understanding of conflict triggers and successful resolution techniques.

Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution


Negotiating strategies for conflict resolution offers useful tips on how to compromise in the heat of moment and during challenging situations. Participants will be able to understand the concept of needs and interest for effective resolution.

1-2-3 Listen to Me: Improving Communication Skills


1-2-3 listen to me explores ineffective communication practices and the reasons behind the behavior. Participants will learn successful communication techniques, laugh, conduct role plays and engage in open discussion forum.

Training Schedule


  • Full Day Training: 5.5 hours-includes lunch (1 hour) and (2) 15 minute breaks
  • ½ Day Training- 3.5 hours with (2) 15 minute breaks 

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