Conflict Resolution Training

Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution


Negotiating strategies for conflict resolution educates leaders with techniques on how to get results driven outcomes for increased productivity and improved relationships. This a great conflict resolution training in Chicago that will empower participants to learn the needs and interests of their employees.


Participants will be able to understand the concept of needs and interest for effective resolution and how to negotiate in challenging situations.

Getting to Yes: Conflict Resolution Skills for Leadership


Conflict resolution skills for leadership professionals provides useful knowledge and techniques for managers who are having difficulty managing and reducing conflict in the workplace. This conflict resolution training in Chicago is a great resource for new to experienced professionals who need professional development.

Participants will identify common leadership barriers when managing employees and how to get improved outcomes. This workshop is great for new and seasoned management professionals who need some professional development.

Difficult Conversations: Communicating in Difficult Situations


Communicating gracefully and assertively in various workplace situations can be challenging especially for managers. Learn effective techniques for constructive feedback and productive communications in this reflective and engaging workshop. 

Stoute Communications in Chicago offers conflict resolution training for professionals in varied industries. 

1-2-3 Listen to Me: Improving Communication Skills


1-2-3 listen to me explores ineffective communication practices and the reasons behind these behaviors. 

Participants will learn successful communication techniques, enjoy laughs, conduct role plays and engage in open discussion forum. This is a fun and interactive training that is also great for team building.

Enough is Enough: Managing Workplace Conflict


Managing workplace conflict in Chicago provides an overview on various types of dysfunctional behaviors and patterns that impacts workplace culture. 

Participants will gain knowledge on conflict triggers, behavioral patterns and will learn successful conflict resolution techniques for any work environment. This is a great option for conflict resolution training for professionals at any level.

Listen & Learn: Active Listening Skills for Professionals


This workshop examines  communications issues that interfere with productivity and equips participants with the right active listening skills for successful client, business and workplace relationships. 

Participants will learn how to avoid common pitfalls in this fun and interactive workshop.

Training Schedule

Conflict Training Schedule in Chicago

Full Day Training: 5.5 -8 hours-includes lunch (1 hour) and (2) 15 minute breaks

½ Day Training- 3.5-4 hours with (2) 15 minute breaks 

Looking to customize a particular training? We can help.