Learn to communicate with confidence with soft skills training.

Soft Training in Chicago

Soft Skills with Stoute Communications

Soft skills training at Stoute Communications includes a combination of conflict and communication skills topics. Participants will be able to identify root causes of conflict to improve relationships and not to mention the humor, attention grabbing topics, interactive role plays and stimulating discussion that comes with each class to maximize the client experience.

Our training in Chicago strive to reduce conflict, to change the way conflict is perceived, and to educate participants with effective communication strategies for successful outcomes. 

Soft Skill Topics:

  • Difficult Conversation Communicating in Difficult Situations
  • 1-2-3 Listen to Me: Improving Communication Skills
  • Enough is Enough: Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Getting to Yes: Management Essentials
  • Negotiation Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Training Times:

  • Full Day Training: 5.5 hours-includes lunch (1 hour) and (2) 15 minute breaks
  • ½ Day Training- 3.5 hours with (2) 15 minute breaks 

Design Your Own Workshop 

We can design your very own workshop for your target audience upon request. 

Separate charges apply.

Step 1: Contact us by phone at (312) 525-2687 or complete an online inquiry (located on the bottom of the  home page). You will be contacted within 24-48 hours.

Step 2: Carve out time to schedule an initial face to face or conference call to discuss services, pricing and goals.

Step 3:   The creativity begins! Your workshop is developed or tailored. 

Step 4:  The big day!!  Training in conducted on the client’s site.

Step 5:  Follow-up Services: How are things going? Thirty days after training, follow-up will be conducted and consulting services is optional.

Soft Skills Articles


Soft skills improves relationships in any setting and can also promote you at work.

Soft skills improves relationships in any setting and can also promote you at work.