Need help facilitating conversations in various settings? We have you covered.

Meeting Facilitation in Chicago, IL

Facilitation Services

Corporate Meeting Facilitation in Chicago: Starting at just $300.00 per hour 

(2 hour minimum)

Non Corporate Meeting Facilitation: Starting at just $250.00 per hour

(2 hour minimum)

Stoute Communications in Chicago, offers meeting facilitation services to support and direct to groups experiencing challenges in achieving personal and professional goals. The facilitator creates a safe and structured environment for participants to have difficult conversations and to achieve meeting goals.

During the facilitation process, information is presented in a caring and receptive manner, individuals have a place to express thoughts and concerns and to gain understanding. Each participant is called upon to engage and to collaborate in meeting objectives.

The facilitator adds value to the meeting and helps the team stay on track to accomplish goals.

In personal matters, facilitation services are great for family discussions surrounding division of assets, end of life topics, and assigning individual responsibilities among others.

Type of cases :

  • Workplace Issues and/or Organizational Restructuring Talks
  • Corporate Communication Issues
  • Estate Planning discussions 
  • Guardianship and Power of Attorney  discussions
  • Family Matters
  • End of Life and Care discussions
  • Business & Financial Matters

The benefits of facilitation services.