Workplace Harassment Consulting

Workplace Harassment Consulting Chicago

Conflict Consulting Services: $300.00 per hour

How are you handling workplace harassment?

Challenge: Harassment in the workplace is on the rise and employers are looking for options to reduce conflict and to educate employees on appropriate workplace behaviors. 

Solution: Stoute Communications in Chicago offers workplace harassment consulting services that can help eliminate harassing behaviors that result in environmental tension, ongoing conflict and dysfunctional relationships.

Our services focus primarily on assisting clients who experience poor management and communications issues that result in harassing and non-productive behaviors in the workplace. We take a conflict resolution approach and work with individuals on a one on one bases. 

During the resolution process, we identify ineffective communication skills and explore conflict management strategies for successful outcomes. Services promote individualized professional development and creates an safe place for learning.  

Benefits of Workplace Harassment Consulting

  • Clients receive tailored resources 
  • Can help to reduce the company's liability 
  • Provides an objective perspective to current issues
  • Client learn new skills to improve workplace relationships 

2018 Hiscox Workplace Harassment Study: