Business and Workplace Disputes in Chicago, IL

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which parties come to discuss a dispute. The process is led by a impartial and neutral  person called a mediator. The mediator facilitates and guides the discussion and or resolution. Mediation gives parties a safe environment for possibilities through meaningful conversation. It allows individuals a place to be heard and to discuss issues with the hopes of coming to a resolution. Both parties are empowered to create an agreement that they can achieve. The participants retain decision making power and the likelihood of success is greater when the participants feel involved in the process.   

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Mediation is cheaper than litigation and it saves you and the company money $$$.
  • Empowers parties to resolve conflict by working together to reach a mutual agreement
  • Mediation is private and less intimidating than going to court
  • Confidential Process
  • Participants may discover better ways to communicate and handle conflict
  • Gives parties a place to be heard
  • Helps parties to discover their needs and interest
  • offers parties an opportunity to negotiate

How to prepare for a mediation:

  • Try to remember all the facts pertaining to the case. Keep a journal if possible
  • Gather all documents and any evidence that you may have to suuport your case
  • Mediations can run long so allocate enough time that includes parking and taking care of outside responsibilities
  • Determine what you want from the mediation and areas that are negotiable
  • Keep an open mind

Business & Contract Disputes

When business is bad, nobody wins. Get to the bottom of your dispute with the assistance of a mediator. Devise a plan that you can achieve and protect your business relationships and reputation. These are great for commercial, construction and other types of business and contract disputes.

Mediation Services: $300 - and up per hour (requires a 2 hour session minimum).

The benefits of mediating business disputes

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Workplace Mediation

Mediation is in the workplace is a great resource that can be very helpful especially in empowering parties on coming to a resolution. When conflict exist in the workplace it often hinders relationships and productivity. Stoute Communications in Chicago, IL is a great option. We can handle business and workplace disputes in Chicago, IL. These services are very helpful in performance reviews, termination negotiation, resolving grievances and complaints, organizational restructuring, negotiation talks and peer mediation work.  

Mediation Services $300.00 - and up per hour (requires a 2 hour session minimum).

The benefits of using mediation to resolve workplace conflict