Conflict Management Consulting in Chicago, IL

How are you handling conflict?

How many hours are you spending daily handling conflict in the workplace?

Problem: An article by the Conflict Resolution Center online stated that 30%-40% of supervisors' and managers' daily activities are devoted to dealing with conflict in the workplace. As a result of these statistics, many hours are lost that could be devoted to productivity and a 1/3 of your day is spent putting out fires. 

Solution: Stoute Communications, offers services that helps reduce conflict, and to create a supported workplace environment where employees can feel safe and are productive. 

Conflict Management Consulting Services

Managing conflict in the workplace can be stressful but at Stoute Communications in Chicago, IL, you don't have to do it alone. Stoute Communications in Chicago, IL offers conflict management consulting services are available on an as needed and/or monthly retained bases to assist with on-going conflict management. This 1:1 service is great for environment with high employee turnover and retention problems, unionized environments, and organizational takeovers. We provide consultative support during challenging times. Contact us for pricing and consider monthly or annual plans. 

Benefits of Conflict Management Consulting in Chicago, IL

  • A trained professional can help guide you during the conflict resolution process
  • Provides 1:1 with key organizational stakeholders
  • Assist organizations on how to evaluate conflict and how to monitor behaviors
  • An added resource to compliment human resources and/or provides training
  • Assist in developing a conflict resolution management improvement plan
  • Offer recommendations from an outside and neutral perspective
  • You feel supported during the change process especially with other are resistant
  • Provides a environmental analysis of the workplace

See our conflict management training in Chicago, IL page for more details.

The benefits of conflict management systems in businesses.

Facilitation Services

Why this is important?

Facilitation services offers you support during difficult times. It allows a neutral third party to help guide the discussion process in personal and professional settings by creating a warm environment. Unlike mediation, you are not trying to reach  an agreement but the main focus will be to gain understanding and to accomplish goals. These services will be great in workplace settings, personal and family matters, business talks and financial matters. 

Facilitation services are great for:

  • Workplace Issues and/or Organizational Restructuring Talks
  • Estate Planning discussions
  • Guardianship and Power of Attorney  discussions
  • Family Matters
  • End of Life and Care discussions
  • Business & Financial Matters

Facilitation Services: $250 per hour (requires 2 hour minimum).

The benefits of facilitation