Conflict Management Training in Chicago, IL

1-2-3 Listen to Me

This workshop explores ineffective communication practices and teaches reasons behind the behavior. Participants will learn successful communication techniques that are useful in any environment. Attendees will laugh, conduct role plays and engage in open discussion forum.

Corruption & Dysfunction A 9-5 Intervention

Corruption and dysfunction a 9-5 intervention, offers an overview on various types of dysfunctional behaviors and patterns that hinder productivity and relationships. Participants will be able to recognize  signs and deter dysfunctional behaviors by utilizing conflict resolution techniques. This training is fun for all.

Enough is Enough: Managing Workplace Conflict

Managing workplace conflict  explores, why employees grieve, environmental culture and morale issues. Participants will be able to gain useful knowledge in understanding conflict, and how to utilize successful resolution techniques.

Communicating in Difficult Situations

Communicating in difficult conversations, is a reflective training workshop. Participants will learn how to communicate in assertive and effective styles, in order to achieve desired results. This training is engaging  and filled with learning exercises, group activities and discussion forum. 

Active Listening Skills for Better Relationships

Listening, is not as easy as you think. Active listening skills can increase productivity, awareness and create better relationships overall. In this training, participants will be able to learn key aspects of active listening skills, and will implement new strategies through interactive role plays and discussion. This training is great for those want to increase their emotional intelligence, and to have deeper and meaningful connections with others.

Workplace Personalities Exposed

Colorful personalities have dominated the workplace for decades but it's not easy to navigator in these environments. This training is very engaging and humorous. Participants will be to identify workplace personalities and learn informative and useful strategies on how to manage their behaviors and responses.  This training will have you laughing all the way to the end.

Our Training Courses

At Stoute Communications, we provide a variety of conflict management training in Chicago, IL for employees, managers and C-level executives. These courses are fun and interactive and are great for small to large groups. Our services empower participants to learn how to communicate effectively and to recognize broken and dysfunctional patterns of behavior. Participants are equipped with the right conflict resolution tools to assist in making better decisions. Conflict resolution in Chicago is now within reach.

The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace

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