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Mediation and Conflict Resolution in Chicago

Conflict can be seen as a challenge, but Keisha can help you turn it into opportunities.

When times are tough, let Stoute Communications help you facilitate conversations that matter.


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About Stoute Communications


Stoute Communications, LLC is the premier conflict management firms that facilitates healthy communication and provides resolution through mediation, and consulting services.

Alternative dispute resolution services and corporate resources are provided to businesses, law firms, academic institutions, and organizations to a variety of matters that interfere with productivity, workplace culture, relationships and everyday life. 

When communication breaks down, it not only affects personal but also professional relationships. Clients are empowered to have conversations that matter on difficult topics and are guided to create positive outcomes. 



To equip clients with the right conflict resolution and communication skills for successful outcomes and improved relationships through mediation and consulting. Stoute Communications strives to resolve disputes, improve individual and group dynamics, reduce dysfunctional behaviors, and to create an amicable resolution.


At Stoute Communications, we utilize our I-R-O Model:

Improving lines of communication in personal, business and professional settings. 

Rebuild and mend existing relationships. 

To create Opportunities for meaningful conversations. 

When conflict hits, there lies an opportunity to create a better outcome. At Stoute Communications, clients are empowered to take control of their life and environment through conversations that matter.  

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