Mediation and conflict resolution services Chicago

Why mediation?

Mediation is a great cost effective option that allows parties to make the final decision. Stoute Communications offers excellent mediation and conflict resolution services Chicago to assist parties in resolving a wide range of disputes. We specialize in mediation and conflict resolution. See client testimonials.

Our Competitive Differentiation:

Unlike our competitors, Stoute Communications offers a unique non-attorney perspective that make clients feel at ease during the mediation process. Keisha Stoute, brings a wealth of mediation and conflict resolution expertise to the table from court mediation experience, conducting private mediation and resolving high level conflict for corporate clients. Ms. Stoute's counseling background plays a role in her ability to guide parties to creative solutions with results.  

Mediation Experience Include:

  • Corporate and workplace issues
  • Management and employee conflict 
  • Employee on employee conflict
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Divorce and custody issues
  • Hospital, healthcare and  insurance cases
  • Dealership disputes
  • Tort Cases

How to prepare for a mediation:

  • Try to remember all the facts pertaining to the case. Keep a paper trail.
  • Gather all documents and any evidence to support your case.
  • Mediation can run long so allocate enough time that includes parking and taking care of outside responsibilities. 
  • Determine what you want from the mediation and areas that are negotiable.

What to expect during the mediation Chicago process:

The goal is for both parties to come to a mutual agreement. Participants retain decision making power and the likelihood of success is greater when the participants feel involved in the process, and can agree to something that they can both achieve. 

The role of the mediator:

The mediator is neutral and does not have an interest in the dispute. Understand that the purpose of mediation is to try to come to a mutual and satisfactory agreement. The role of the mediator is to facilitate discussions that ultimately get parties on the same page for resolution.

Once an agreement has been reached the mediator will prepare a document summarizing the agreement which both parties will sign. Parties should ask any further questions to ensure that expectations are clear.

Keisha is one of the most energized, dedicated and skilled mediators- Taryn Fisher

Keisha is one of the most energized, dedicated and skilled mediators- Taryn Fisher