Organizational Mediation Chicago

Organizational Mediation and Conflict Resolution Chicago

How much is conflict costing your organization? 

According to the CPP Global Human Capital Report 2008, In the US alone, 385 million working days is spent each year as a  result of conflict in the workplace, that translates to $359 billion dollars in paid hours. 

In that same study found that on average each employee spends 2.1 hours every week dealing with conflict in some way. Some organizations employees spend 6 hours or more weekly dealing with conflict, putting a drain on human resources.  

Fortify your organization with Stoute Communications for effective conflict resolution services and focus on recouping lost revenue and building a stronger workforce. 

Stoute Communications offers exceptional organizational mediation and conflict resolution Chicago. Services focus on reducing conflict through mediation and consulting to remedy ongoing disputes and dysfunctional workplace behaviors. 

Mediation provides employees with the power to air out frustrations and to compromise on a resolution with the assistance of a conflict resolution professional. Training is also a great way to address widespread issues within the organization and to offer professional development and coaching opportunities.

When employees are engaged they perform better at work and have a desire to cultivate healthier and productive relationships. Organizations typically see less absenteeism, low employee turnover and reduced conflict in the workplace.

Benefits of Organizational Mediation Chicago:

  • Employees feel heard and are comfortable disclosing to a neutral
  • Organizations are given individualized attention to resolve conflict
  • Mediation can help rebuild broken relationships for successful outcomes
  • Creates opportunities to improve communication skills

CPP Global Human Capital Report 2008 on the Cost of Conflict in the Workplace: 

6 Amazing Benefits of Employee Engagement: 

Keisha's gets it. Her approach is simple and produces results.- S. Barrera- Consulting Client

Keisha's gets it. Her approach is simple and produces results.- S. Barrera- Consulting Client