Resolve your business disputes in Chicago with Stoute Communications

Business Disputes in Chicago

Business & Contract Mediation in Chicago, IL


Business Mediation Services: Starting at just $350.00 per hour 

(2 hour session minimum)


When business is bad, nobody wins. Stoute Communications offers, business mediation in Chicago, as a way to resolve client/customer disputes. Mediation can save you time and the expense of going back and forth to court. Both parties are empowered to create an agreement that they can achieve at Stoute Communications in Chicago. 


The participants retain decision making power and the likelihood of success is greater when parties are involved in the process. Get to the bottom of your business disputes in Chicago with the assistance of a mediator. Devise a plan that you can achieve and protect your business and reputation. 


Types of Cases: 


  • Business and contract disputes
  • Tort cases
  • Customer and provider disputes
  • Car dealership cases
  • Service dispute

Benefits of Mediation:


  • Mediation is cheaper than litigation $$$.
  • Mediation is private and less intimidating than going to court
  • Confidential Process
  • Participants may discover better ways to communicate and handle conflict
  • Creates an opportunity to negotiate


Small Business BC article on the benefits of mediation in business disputes.

Keisha has a passion for helping parties resolve conflict.

Keisha has a passion for helping parties resolve conflict.