Corporate Conflict Resolution in Chicago

9-5 Interventions: Conflict Resolution Program for Companies

Do you have the right resources for reducing conflict in the workplace?

Problem: According to CPP Global Human Capital Report, 85% of employees deal with conflict at some level. 

Solution: 9-5 Interventions is our premier corporate conflict resolution program that is designed to reduce conflict in workplace settings through mediation and consulting services. We provide results based and collaborative resources for businesses and corporations to help mitigate risk that hinders company culture and morale, productivity and professional relationships.

Stoute Communications in Chicago, can develop a customized corporate conflict resolution action plan or program that fits your company’s unique needs. 

Services are offered to address a wide range of corporate concerns such as: 

  • Employee written and verbal communication issues
  • Lack of team work and cohesiveness
  • Poor problem solving skills
  • Harassment complaints and workplace bullying
  • Conflict that interferes with productivity and leadership abilities

We can create options for successful outcomes and provide conflict coaching services to reduce unwanted workplace behaviors. Conflict coaching gives clients the individualized attention that is needed to improve conflict resolution and communications skills,  relationships and to promote a healthy work environment.

Program Mission:

  • To create a warm and supportive environment during the resolution process by developing rapport, understanding the issues and offering guidance and support.

  • To facilitate difficult conversations that lead to improved working relationships, better decision making skills and amicable resolutions through mediation, and consulting services.

Looking to develop a mediation program at work? We can design a program to align with human resources and company goals. 

Program Services

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Workplace Mediation

Consulting Services

Conflict Training

Soft Skills Training

Leadership Training

Why choose Stoute Communications?

As an outside entity, Stoute Communications provides a fresh perspective with creative solutions.Employees of your company feel comfortable to disclose information to a neutral at Stoute Communications, and are willing to participate in the conflict resolution process.

Call now (312) 525-2687 or email to schedule an appointment to learn more this program. Corporate conflict resolution in Chicago is now within reach.

As a conflict resolution professional Keisha has great insight into solving workplace issues.

As a conflict resolution professional Keisha has great insight into solving workplace issues.