Conflict Consulting in chicago

Conflict Consulting in Chicago

Conflict Consulting Services: (Ask about Covid19 specials) 

How many hours are you spending daily handling conflict in the workplace?


Challenge: In an article by Psychology Today suggest that 30%-40% of supervisors' and managers' daily activities are devoted to dealing with conflict in the workplace. As a result of these statistics, many hours are lost that could be devoted to productivity and a 1/3 of your day is spent putting out fires. 

Solution:  Earn back 1/3 of your day at Stoute Communications in Chicago, IL. Conflict consulting services are available as needed and/or monthly retained bases to assist with managing on-going conflict.

This is a great resource that provides individualized attention to managers and senior level professionals, who experience behavioral difficulties in the workplace. During this process, clients learn to identify workplace behaviors, triggers, and implement effective strategies to overcome challenges. Clients are also empowered to initiate difficult conversations with employees, coworkers and leaders for successful relationships and outcomes.  

At Stoute Communications, we collaborate with clients to create an action plan for improved communication skills, better work relationships and conditions, and an overall reduction in conflict. The consultant creates a warm, safe and supportive environment for the client to be heard, and for learning to take place.

Services are flexible to accommodate your busy schedule, and can be face to face or remote using online software.   

Benefits of Conflict Consulting:

  • Provides a neutral perspective
  • Gain useful conflict resolution strategies 
  • Great resource for professional development
  • Offers guidance and support during the conflict resolution process
  • Help clients improve communication skills for better relationships 

The benefits of conflict management systems in businesses.

Keisha delivers exceptional value when it comes to conflict consulting- N. Seegars- Client

Keisha delivers exceptional value when it comes to conflict consulting- N. Seegars- Client