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Leadership Conflict Resolution Training Chicago

How are you developing leaders in the workplace?

Challenge: According to Brandon Hall's State of Leadership Development 2015, 83% of organizations say it is important to develop leadership at all levels.

Solution: Stoute Communications offers leadership conflict resolution training Chicago that focus on developing and maintaining healthier workplace relationships and effective communication skills through conflict coaching  and training 

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Leaders are guided to manage employees successfully, reduce conflict and to mitigate risk. These services equip professionals to become more efficient in their roles, while building confidence to tackle challenging work related issues, and empowers them to become outstanding role models. 

Enhance your leadership skills with the right conflict resolution techniques for successful workplace outcomes. 

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Leadership Training Chicago:

  • Obtain a fresh perspective from a conflict resolution professional
  • Leaders gain useful knowledge and strategy for problem solving
  • Acquire new skills for improved workplace relationships
  • Great for professional development for leaders on all levels
  • Gain confidence over time

13 Shocking Leadership Development Statistics: 

Gaining effective communication and conflict resolution skills puts me in the driver seat.

Gaining effective communication and conflict resolution skills puts me in the driver seat.

Leadership Training Chicago

The Cost of Conflict in the Workplace: Leadership Edition

Leadership conflict resolution training in Chicago offers excellent workshops .

Senior leaders will explore the cost of conflict in the workplace and damages that are associated with unresolved conflict such as culture challenges, absenteeism, employee turnover and lawsuits. 

Leadership Blunders

Leadership training in Chicago. Stoute Communication offers excellent leadership training workshops.

Trainees will explore common leadership pitfalls and learn how to cultivate healthy relationships with employees and other members within the organization.

How Do I look? Creating a Robust Leadership Persona


Participants will create a leadership persona and will explore attributes and skills that are in high demand by top employers and skills that create barriers. Participants will reflect on areas of strength and weakness and create an action plan for goal setting.

Oh no, not again! Problem Solving Strategies for Workplace Conflict


Leaders will engage in fun and interactive games that will test their active listening. They will identify communication errors and learn effective strategies to improve relationships.

Pass the Gatorade: Optimizing Team Motivation & Performance


Leaders will explore individual and group dynamics issues that prevent team success and create a positive team culture in the workplace.

Communication Strategies for Successful Outcomes


Leaders will learn and participate in group activities that will identify common communication problems and focus on relationship minded solutions for successful outcomes.