Mediation provides parties with the power.

Employment Mediation in Chicago, IL

Workplace Mediation Services

Employment Mediation in Chicago: Starting at $350.00 per hour 

(2 hour session minimum)

When conflict exist in the workplace, it hinders relationships and productivity. Many disputes in the workplace stem from communication issues, unclear expectations, the feeling of unfair treatment, lack of support, and dysfunctional patterns of behavior.  Stoute Communications in Chicago offers workplace mediation in Chicago. This is a confidential process and both parties retain decision making power. The mediator guides and facilitates the discussion with the hopes of  helping  parties come to a resolution. 

An outside mediator offers neutrality, they do not have an interest in the matter, are not employees of the company, and are better equipped to help resolve the dispute. 

Types of Mediation Cases:

  • Workplace Complaints and Grievances
  • Union Disputes
  • Employee & Management Disputes
  • Performance Issues
  • Negotiation Talks
  • Termination Negotiations

Advantages of Employment Mediation:

  • Cheaper than ligitation
  • The parties communicate directly
  • Parties decide the outcome 
  • Encourages difficult conversation
  • Learn effective ways to handle conflict

The benefits of using mediation to resolve workplace conflict

The Department of Justice Statistics on Alternative Dispute Resolution Services 2017

Keisha has a 85% success rate in resolving a variety of cases.

Keisha has a 85% success rate in resolving a variety of cases.