Judges, corporate clients and attorneys praise Keisha Stoute




Ms. Stoute mediates  matters and shows a great deal of creativity in reaching settlements. She is very interested in resolving disputes between opposing sides. She is able to talk to anyone with a caring but professional manner, placing them at ease. Being a non-attorney mediator, she adds a unique element of psychology and mental health expertise when facilitating the mediation process. I without hesitation or reservation strongly recommend Ms. Stoute.

                    Retired, John J. Scully, Associate Judge 19th Judicial Court Lake County

Keisha Stoute has taken on many difficult cases with very successful results. I have a unique perspective  in that I am able to observe the body language of the parties as they leave the courtroom to go to a conference room with her. Many times there is anger, distrust and practically open hostility being exhibited by the parties to such a degree that one would think that there is no chance at all that the parties will be able to come up with an agreed disposition.Then to my surprise, the parties along with Ms. Stoute return to the courtroom with an agreement... and that aforementioned body language has disappeared. It was obvious that the parties feel that they have been listened to a fairly treated. Her professionalism and caring demeanor is apparent and plays and a big part in her successful outcomes. I strongly recommend her, she does an excellent job!

                Theordore S. Potkonjak, Associate Judge 19th Judicial Court Lake County

Corporate Clients

I believe that this training has helped out our team already. I feel that we are more aware of our words and doings. We will continue to work and grow as a team. 

                                                  C. Thomas- Training Participant, Facilities Professional

I really enjoyed the 2 day training.  Not only did it open my mind on how to deal with my fellow co-workers, both in my team, but throughout the company as well.  I’m sure my children would like to commend you as well, I yell less!  It was challenging, as well as enlightening  on the different ways to deal with situations. 

                                     B. Posley- Training Participant, Customer Service Professional

I thoroughly enjoyed the communication training.  The training was a great self-evaluation tool for me.  I’m more conscious of the words I use with my coworkers and others that I meet.  I also learned to look at situations that arise from two different angles to make sure I handle it correctly and professionally.  I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.

                                                                        T. Hollaway- Customer Service Professional

Thank you for coming and giving an excellent training course! The training we received was very helpful and informative, I feel as though it will help us be stronger as a team and to continue to exercise great communication skills. 

                                                     D. Smith- Facilities Professional- Training Participant 

Thanks Keisha for all your help. We appreciate all you have done and have seen an improvement as a result of your services.

                Compliance Officer for Fortune 500 Company, Mediation and Consulting 

There are not enough words that can describe how valuable Keisha's conflict management consulting has helped me thus far. She gets it. Her approach is simple and produces results.

             S. Barrera-  Corporate Accountant, Consulting Industry, Conflict Coaching 

Keisha Stoute delivers exceptional value when it comes to conflict management. She helps leaders to step back from the situation and see things from a new perspective. She also provides tools and tips to help you implement your lessons learned.

                N. Seegars-  Marketing Director, Technology Industry, Conflict Coaching 



Ms. Stoute is a knowledgeable, intuitive and tremendously adept mediator. Her strength lies within her ability to quickly assess the needs of her clients and adapt her mediation in Chicago approach accordingly. I have observed Ms. Stoute reach terms of settlement on dozens of matters that had previously appeared to be destined for litigation. Ms. Stoute knows how to illicit out-of-the-box thinking from her mediation clients; those clients walk away from their mediation experience feeling satisfied with the terms of their agreements.      

                                                                    Taryn S. Fisher, Partner, Chausow Shafer, P.C.

I am a family law attorney, and I was fortunate to utilize Keisha's mediation services in one of my recent cases. My case involved a dispute over child custody and visitation, as well as possession and occupancy of the family residence. My client and the opposing party (who was her former domestic partner and the father of her children) were miles apart at the beginning of the case, and it was difficult to imagine that the matter could be resolved without litigation. We entered mediation with an open mind, but with skepticism regarding the likelihood of success. 

During the first mediation session, Keisha offered both parties the time and space to explain their unique perspectives and to outline their hopes, fears and concerns. 

She helped the parties to develop a strategy for co-parenting their children that involved shared goals and methods for cooperation. Once the issues related to the children were settled, the parties were able to reach an amicable agreement regarding possession of the home. Keisha’s approach helped the parties recognize that they could work together to reach shared goals despite the fact that they were no longer involved in a domestic relationship. 

Keisha played an integral role in the settlement process, and we were able to reach settlement after two mediation sessions. I think Keisha for her help and hard work. Keisha’s intelligence and inherit sense of fairness shines through in her work, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled mediator.

            Sharon Corse, Family Law and Workers Compensation Attorney at the Law     

I asked Keisha to mediate a very challenging family case. She managed the mediation with skill and understanding and helped the parties work through their differences. I recommend Keisha for family mediation and would use her again myself. 

                                                      Janice Morrison, The Law Offices of Janice Morrison